Knowledge extracted and bundled

Your company knowledge is distributed over your Wiki, Intranet, CRM or CMS, own documents and notes, or exists in the minds of colleagues and management. Searching for the right answer becomes tedious. SABIO extracts all this information from your particular sources and converges it into your central knowledge management. You have one authoritative source for all your information.


Answers always to the point

SABIO ensures your knowledge base is up to date state and there is always just one reliable source for your information. You can answer every customer query in a prompt and correct manner.

The SABIO editing system

In SABIO or your own application - your knowledge is available everywhere

You can choose to provide the correct answer quickly in your existing Service System. SABIO integrates with its open interface to your system and delivers answers across your channels including Mail- and Ticket Systems as well as your Help Centre. SABIO already exists for many common Applications.

SABIO as add-on


Simple interface, many dimensions

Despite simple use and integration, SABIO exhibits extensive functionality. SABIO provides knowledge management for the most demanding service provider up to and including the requirements of large multinational companies.

SABIO functions


Easy to learn, effortless to use

Intuitive and natural operation distinguishes the SABIO interface. SABIO employs symbols and a look & feel that every user is familiar with through the internet and other apps. So working with SABIO is not only easy, it is even fun. Elaborate training is not required.

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Reports and statistics

With the aid of SABIO statistics you always have constant access and can review which:

1.     areas are frequently accessed,

2.     particular topics received greater search requests, or

3.     topic requires a higher editorial effort.

Reports can be created individually, released to specific groups and also be exported in a variety of formats including Excel.


Stringent Security

SABIO keeps your company information safe. Our safety measures include daily backups, a monitoring team, certified server centre, reliable encryption and many more features.

Further security details


Simple to implement, not an IT- Project

In less than 3 months you will have completely adapted your workflows to use SABIO. Integrating as an App into your existing system dispenses with IT department burden. Content can be added ‘step-by-step’. Our advisory team accompanies you every step of the way. And beyond the integration period our support team is always at hand.

How SABIO is implemented

See for yourself

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Who employs SABIO

More than 100 companies and over 50,000 users are already enthralled with SABIO and provide best customer service.

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